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The entire process will be completed within a couple of hours. Presently, we do not take motorhomes or provide any schemes.

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We believe in providing quality service to our valued customers and which is why are one of the fastest growing car removal company that offers top cash for junk cars in Calgary. Junk My Car Now ensures customer satisfaction that is why we do not charge for towing. Owners of old vehicles, mechanic shops, and others can contact us to remove their junk cars. When you call us, we will ask some relevant questions related to your vehicle and in return we will provide you the best possible quote to remove your junk car in Calgary without any hidden charges.

Please fill out the form below to provide some information about your vehicle. The details provided by you will give us an idea whether you want cash for your junk car or would like to donate it. Our representatives will contact you within an hour or two.

Cash for junk car in Calgary
Cash for scrap car in calgary
Junk Car Towing Company

Our junk car recycling process in Calgary involves the breakdown of primary vehicle components such as the steel frame, automotive fluids like reusable motor oil, automotive tires, and batteries. By recycling junk cars various materials such as plastic, lead and rubber can be reused.

As a responsible and environmental-friendly organization, we recommend automobile users to consider junk car removal services in Calgary. This not only helps you get cash for junk cars but also conserves natural resources by recycling used materials. Manufacturing and maintaining automobiles requires a lot of energy and materials. Recycling helps to salvage vehicles and utilize used materials even when the vehicle isn’t functioning anymore. Materials such as iron, rubber and glass can be recycled. Recycled glass materials are used in making kitchen countertops, flooring, and glass beads. Iron and rubber are also used in automobile and appliance manufacturing.

Recycle Your Junk Car Now in Calgary

If you want to junk your car for the recycling process in Calgary, contact us today. You can email us at or call us at +1 403-805-8899 for more details.

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    Once you submit the form, we will review your offer and either accept or make a counter proposal depending on the rules and regulations followed in your city. In some cities, tires, fluids, and gas tanks are to be removed before taking permission for a vehicle to be crushed. We will do our best to get you the most money for the vehicle that you are selling. Our team will pick up your vehicle within 24 hours from the time you have sold your vehicle to us.

    In order to facilitate a transaction, we are legally required to acquire the transfer of ownership through a bill of sale. Upon submitting the form, we will contact you with an acceptance or a counter-offer. You also have the option of downloading a custom bill of sale from us by clicking either of the buttons below. Further, you need to email us the official bill of sale upon acceptance of sale.

    Happy and Satisfied Customer

    I was impressed by the prompt service at Junk My Car Now. They tow my car within the day and I live in Banff! Carlos & Lucas are good at what they do.

    Joan P

    Prompt Service

    “Carlos was very professional and honest. Great service. Definitely recommended.”

    Fay L

    Professional and Honest Team

    “Great service!!! Had the best price for my scrap car after calling around to multiple others. Made a rough day a little easier!”

    Allyce S

    Best Price for My Scrap Car

    “I was very impressed with this company! The fellow I spoke with was knowledgeable, friendly, decisive and efficient! Called for a quote and within minutes my good old car that wouldn’t start was gone. And I had a wonderful amount of cash in my hand!! I totally recommend this company!”

    Shelley W

    Highly Impressed

    “My mother was very happy with the purchase price. On par with other like businesses. Great service. Car was promptly removed and paid in cash. Good company ethics. Thanks from Sylvia.”

    Sky B

    Great Service

    “Guy was fast, picked up the car in like 30 minutes, paid 20% more than the highest offer, and didn’t even try to lowball me like previous offers warned me of. Overall I’m quite satisfied.”

    Marcos G

    Highly Satisfied

    “Carlos was friendly and prompt. Car was taken quickly and got a good price for it. Thanks for the great service.”

    Alex M

    Friendly Staff

    “It was good experience. Everything was quick and easy. I’ve got top dollars for my old car. Very nice person to deal with. He made quick estimation for the car by phone and paid exact amount for it when he came to pick up the car. Definitely it is right place to go if you need to get rid of the junk stacks on your drive way.”

    Vadim D

    Great Experience

    “Very fair. Offered me double for my old Cobalt than any other scrap business. No fuss, no muss, showed up, cash in hand, and off they went. If you need a no-stress, no-hassle, plain and fair scrap car removal, this is the place to go.”

    David B.

    Hassle-free Scrap Car Removal

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